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Release Notes - 9/18/2022


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"Draft Priority Group" functionality has been added to the Draft Center (for Entry Drafts only) in the GM Tools.

Under previously-existing functionality, each team had one list, from which all of their draft picks were made.  The player with the highest priority at the time of the team's selection would be picked.

This new functionality allows each team's list to be broken into groups, which can be re-ordered at will.  An example of this new feature can be seen in the attached screenshot.


The top player on each team's list will still be selected but now, after that selection is made and the player is removed from the list, the remaining players from that group will be moved to the bottom of the list.

As shown in the above example, one use for this could be a team that wants to get one of a set of goalies with their first pick, then move on to other players with their second.  Without Draft Priority Groups, that GM would need to make sure to have enough goalies on their list to get to their first pick, then log in to remove/re-prioritize the extras before their second pick.

Players can be added to more than one group, however they cannot be dragged from one group to another.

Clicking the pencil icon gives the ability to re-name a group (groups are named generically by default) while dragging the "up/down" icon allows for re-ordering of groups.

This new functionality is optional.  Teams not making use of it will have a button visible for opting in.  It is not strictly possible to opt-out, however clearing the draft list will also clear all groups.

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