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  1. For security purposes, moving forward all users will be required to log in using their email address and password. Previously, username and password could be used. If there are any questions or concerns, reply here.
  2. A subset of the FHS waiver functionality is the option to have a Waiver Draft. Depending on your league's settings, teams may be allowed to exceed the various roster size limits during the offseason. As such, before the start of the season, all teams would be required to come back into compliance with those limits. If waivers are also enabled for your league, it can be expected that at least some players would need to clear waivers for the entire league to become compliant. A Waiver Draft is intended to consolidate those waiver cases and, instead of having players pass through waivers over a span of days or weeks, make all of the players available at once, with each team selecting from the group of players and adding new players to the group as necessary. Teams are not required to make a Waiver Draft selection but teams may only make a selection if they have room to add that player, with the specific limits depending on the player selected. To add any player, the team must first have room under the Reserve List limit. If the player is active, the team must also have room under the Combined Roster limit and the Pro Roster limit. If the selecting team does not have room for any of the players on their draft list, their selection will be skipped. If the selecting team has room to add a player to their Property List but not to their roster, the highest-ranked Property List player will be selected. As with standard waivers, a player on waivers for the purposes of demotion who is not in a team's game lineup will not count towards the Pro Roster limit for that team. The player will, however, count towards the Combined Roster and Reserve List limits. If that player were to be selected by another team, he would be applied to that team's limits and be removed from his original team's limits. As such, it is possible for a team to be ineligible to make a selection in the first round only to become eligible to select later in the draft. A Waiver Draft begins with a single scheduled round. Any time a player is selected or a player is added to waivers during what is scheduled to be the final round, a new round will be added to the end of the draft, ensuring that no player clears waivers without first being offered to all of the league's teams. The Waiver Draft cannot end until all teams have passed on all remaining players. For record-keeping purposes, the final round of the Waiver Draft will be removed upon conclusion of the draft, as it is impossible for any selections to be made during it.
  3. A new warning message has been added to the GM Tools and Member Menu. If your team's roster or reserve list is in violation of your league's limits on either of those, a new warning will appear at the top of the GM Tools index. Additionally, a red flag will be added to the Member Menu. On the Roster Management page of the GM Tools, where the size of your roster is normally displayed, the text will turn red if your team is in violation of limits.
  4. FHLSim does not output faceoff data anywhere that I've seen.
  5. Several sets of updates have quietly been published recently. The first is that team lines are now saved on a game-by-game basis, visible via the "Game Lineups" link from each game summary. Game Lineups are not available for past games, nor are they available for farm league games. The second is that the "Invalid Lines Notification" available via the FHS Member Profile is now an "Invalid Lineup Notification." The difference is the inclusion of a notification should your team's game lineup change from the allowed 20-man list. Only one notification will be sent, so if your team's lines are invalid, you will get that message and no second message about the 20-man game lineup. If your lines remain valid but your game lineup is problematic, you will receive a message regarding that. The third is a new set of lineup preferences, replacing the "Auto-Lines" preference page in the GM Tools. In addition to the auto-lines setting, teams can now choose whether injured players should remain scratched upon return from injury and whether auto-generated lines should replace manually-generated ones.
  6. FHS includes tools that allow team owners to set their lineups. The FHLSim simulator software is something of a black box, however, and will sometimes manipulate those lineups. To help mitigate that, FHS includes a set of preferences for team team to define how FHLSim-introduced changes will be handled. These preferences can be found under the GM Tools under Manage Team Roster -> Lineup Preferences. If "Keep Returning Players Scratched" is set to yes, any player returning from injury will remain a healthy scratch until he is manually moved back into the game lineup. If "Auto-Lines" is enabled, the simulator software will be allowed to discard the team's defined lineup and generate a new one if the lineup is deemed to be invalid. It is important to note that the simulator software may do that anyway, in some situations, regardless of what this option is set to. If "Save Simulator-Generated Lineup" is enabled, whatever lines come out of the simulator after a game will be saved as the team's new lines. Disabling this setting does not mean that a simulator-generated lineup won't be used, just that it won't be saved. There is one case where changes that look like they come from the simulator will be saved, as players who are in the lineup under the Emergency Position Change option will automatically be moved to the list of scratches after each game. As such, this setting does not apply to those cases.
  7. Depending on your league's setup, as a GM/owner you may be required to participate in votes from time to time. These can include voting for end-of-season awards, All-Star rosters, or the league's Hall of Fame. In all likelihood, your league's commissioner will notify its members when voting is active. If you want to be certain that you don't miss a vote, however, you can sign up to receive daily notifications of pending votes (among other opt-in notifications). To opt-in for these messages, visit your "FHS Member Profile" found via the Member Menu. There, you will see a "Voting Notifications" section for each of your leagues. Select the method(s) by which you would like to be notified and click the "Update Preferences" button to save your changes.
  8. One of the known issues with the FHLSim simulator software is that, from time to time, it will substitute it's own "auto lines" for the lines set by a team's owner/GM. At this time, that is not something we can avoid. However, we have released an update that will allow for teams to be notified when it happens to them, so that they can update their lines if they so desire. This new functionality can be accessed from the "FHS Member Profile" link. There owner/GMs have a set of communications preferences for each of their leagues. New to this list is "Simulator-based Line Change Notifications." That section can be used to determine how to receive notifications if your team's lineup was changed by the simulator software.
  9. We've released an update to the "Waive Players" and "Waiver Wire" pages in the GM Tools. Both pages now display your team's roster counts, including pro roster, total roster, and reserve list. This is to make it easier to see where your team stands with regards to your league's roster limits. Additionally, the "Waive Players" page has seen the "Waive" and "Waive/Release" links for each player consolidated down to a single "Waive" link. After clicking that link, you will have the option of choosing a waiver action, one of which is "Release" (other options, including "Demote to Farm" will appear as necessary). Documentation as to how this new functionality works has been added as a FAQ.
  10. There are multiple reasons to need to waive players within the context of FantasyHockeySim.com and two ways to actually do so via the GM Tools. The first is via the "Edit Roster" tool under the "Manage Team Roster" option. Within that tool, any time you drag a player from your pro roster to your farm roster, if that player requires waivers, you will be presented with a prompt asking you to confirm that you want to waive the player. Upon accepting, the player will be placed on waivers and, should he clear, will be sent to your farm roster. Additionally, there is the "Waive Players" page, also under the "Manage Team Roster" section. There, all of your team's players will be listed, with a "Waive" link available for each. Clicking the link will trigger a pop-up box, which will allow you to select a waiver action to be applied after the player clears waivers. Standard waiver actions are "None" (in which case clearing waivers will simply reset the players waiver eligibility as detailed in the above link) and "Release" (which will see the player released by the team upon clearing waivers). Players on the pro roster can also be waived for the purposes of demotion, which has the same effect as waiving from the Roster Editor. Players who require Limited Waivers to become trade-eligible can have that selected as their waiver action. After a player is placed on waivers, he will appear in a list at the top of the page detailing when he was placed on waivers, what waiver action was selected, and when he is expected to be on waivers until.
  11. Waivers at FantasyHockeySim.com are designed to be as close to those in the NHL as possible. However, some terms and workflows are unique to FHS or are otherwise league-specific, so here's a look at how waivers work within FHS context... In leagues with a waiver exemption limit set, players who have exceeded the defined number of seasons of waiver exemption must clear waivers before they can be assigned to their club's farm team. Additionally, any player being released must be first offered to the league's other teams via waivers. In the former case, the player can be waived for the purposes of demotion, in which case the player will automatically be sent to the farm team upon clearing waivers. In the latter case, the player can be waived for the purposes of release, which will see the player removed from the team upon clearing waivers. Additionally, a player can be waived at any time with no stated intent. In leagues where a player can only play a certain number of games or days on the pro roster without needing to clear waivers again, this can be used to reset the player's status while keeping them on the pro roster (assuming he clears waivers without being claimed by another team). Finally, there is the concept of Limited Waivers. Any player acquired via waivers will be ineligible to be traded without first being offered via waivers to the team that lost him via waivers and any other teams that attempted to claim him. Limited waivers will make such a player available only to those teams. If the player clears, he is eligible to be traded. Clearing traditional waivers would also make the player eligible for trade but would require making him available to the entire league. Players who are on waivers for the purpose of release will not count towards their team's total roster count. Players who are on waivers for the purpose of demotion will not count towards their team's pro roster count. The exception to each of these is players on the team's game roster, who will count towards both the total roster count and the pro roster count. One way of looking at it is that - unless the player is on the game roster - while on waivers he will count as if he had already cleared waivers. Waivers can either be processed hourly or at a specific time each day, depending on league settings. League settings also determine how long a player must be on waivers. For example, if a player is waived at 6:43 PM on Tuesday in a league that processes waivers hourly and requires players to be on waivers for 72 hours, that player will either clear or be claimed at 7:00 PM on Friday. If a player is waived at 1:03 PM on Monday in a league that processes waivers at noon every day and requires players on waivers for 24 hours, that player's fate would be known at noon on Wednesday. Any team may make a claim on a player who is on waivers. If more than one team makes a valid claim, the team with the highest waiver priority will be awarded the player. A valid waiver claim means that the claiming team has a roster spot available to receive the player. To claim a player who is currently on his team's pro roster, the claiming team would need to have at least one open slot on their pro roster, their combined roster, and their reserve list. To claim a player who is currently on his team's farm roster, the claiming team would need to have an open spot on their combined roster and reserve list. To claim a player from a team's property list, the claiming team would need to have an open spot on their reserve list.
  12. A bug has been fixed that was preventing automated notifications via Private Message from being sent. This impacted roster notifications and news notifications, among others. After that bug was fixed, some messages may have been sent with incorrect formatting. This second issue should also now be resolved.
  13. Each league has it's own news feed but teams have a news feed as well. This can be used for letting your fellow GM/owner's know you'll be on vacation, advertising your trade block, or anything else you want to make sure everyone can see. The easiest way to add something to your team news feed is to make a post in your league's forum and include "#pin" in the message text. An automated process will pick that message up and add it to your news feed for you. If you did not use the "#pin" method, you can add a forum post to your team news via the GM Tools under the "Team News" tool. Your forum posts from the last month will be listed there. Click the "Add to News Feed" link and the post will be added to your news feed. Posts that you have previously flagged for your news feed are listed on the bottom part of that page. If you have an active news item, you can remove it by clicking the "Remove" button in that table. Teams can only have one active news item at a time, so making a new news post will automatically remove the previous one from your feed. Additionally, news items are automatically removed from your feed after six months. Active team news items will appear in the sidebar of the league news section as well as on the team's home page. Additionally, for leagues that use our Slack integration, the news item will be cross-posted to the league's Slack channel.
  14. Due to limitations of the simulator software, players are only able to be assigned to one position at a time. Obviously, this does not properly reflect the real world, but there are ways to work around it. One is for players to be played out of position. Supposedly, however, the simulator takes that into account by reducing the ratings of a player played out of position. This impact has never been detailed so, while it is legal to do, it is not recommended. Additionally, the simulator requires at least three centers, three left wings, three right wings, and five defensemen (and exactly two goalies) on a game roster. As such, you could dress a roster with eight left wings and no right wings - with four of them playing out of position - and it still wouldn't be valid. The solution is, when playing a player out of position, to change that player's position. A player's position can be changed via the GM Tools by going to "Manage Team Roster" -> "Edit Players" and selecting the player to update. Goalies cannot be changed to a skater position and vice-versa. A future update will limit position changes to positions a player has actually played but that is not in place for now.
  15. The question of how FHS assigns player numbers has come up every now and then, so here is a rundown of that process. I wrote about this on my personal blog five years ago but that was before FHS was spun off of DetroitHockey.Net and the logic has changed a little since then. A note off the top: A team's retired numbers are only respected by the team's Pro Roster. At the start of a league's season, each player's current number is loaded in as the player's "default" number. If that player is traded or otherwise is in need of a new number, the first check will be to see if the default number is available and, if it is, it will be used. If the player's default number is not available because another player is wearing it, but it is not the default number for the current owner, the current owner will get a new number, freeing up the default number for the player who wanted it. In the case where the player has no way of getting his default number, the system moves on to a list of preferred numbers, based on the player's position. If the player is a goalie whose default number is two digits, the first try will be to take the second digit of his number and prepend it to a 3 to give him a number in the 30s. For example, a goalie whose default number is #45 finding #45 on his new team unavailable would next try #35. Andrei Vasilevskiy's #88 would become #38. If that number is also unavailable, it will try the traditional goalie numbers (#30, #31, #35, #1) until it finds a match. If the player is a skater whose default number is single-digit, the system next tries that number appended to itself, then that number with a zero appended to it. So a player whose default number was #9 would try #99, then try #90. If neither of those work, numbers in the teens, twenties, thirties, and nineties are tried (in this example, #19, #29, #39, and #99 again). If the player is a skater whose default number is double-digit, the first attempt will be a reversal of that number, so #19 would become #91. If that didn't work and both digits are the same, it will try that digit followed by a zero and then that digit alone (#55 would try #50 and then #5). Lastly, if it's a number in the sixties, it will try to add 30 to it (#67 would become #97). However, there are exceptions to the above. A skater cannot match to one of the traditional goalie numbers. For example, a #53 won't switch to #35. Similarly, a forward won't be assigned a traditional defenseman number (#2, #3, #4, #5, #6) and a defenseman won't be assigned a traditional forward number (#8, #9, #10, #12) unless it is his default number. If, after all of these steps, no number has been found, skaters will start at their default number and find the closest available number to it that is not subject to the traditional position rule (for example, a skater trying #29 who has made it to this step on a team with #28 and #29 taken could get #27 rather than the closer #30). Goalies will start at #30 and count up until an available number is found. There is one further caveat to all of this. If the new player (Player A) is on the Pro Roster and is requesting a number assigned to Player B, who is on the Farm Roster, and the number is not Player B's default number, the number will be treated as available and Player B will be assigned a new Pro Roster number. This also works if Player A is joining the Farm Roster and Player B is on the Pro Roster.
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