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  1. Due to limitations of the simulator software, players are only able to be assigned to one position at a time. Obviously, this does not properly reflect the real world, but there are ways to work around it. One is for players to be played out of position. Supposedly, however, the simulator takes that into account by reducing the ratings of a player played out of position. This impact has never been detailed so, while it is legal to do, it is not recommended. Additionally, the simulator requires at least three centers, three left wings, three right wings, and five defensemen (and exactly two goalies) on a game roster. As such, you could dress a roster with eight left wings and no right wings - with four of them playing out of position - and it still wouldn't be valid. The solution is, when playing a player out of position, to change that player's position. A player's position can be changed via the GM Tools by going to "Manage Team Roster" -> "Edit Players" and selecting the player to update. Goalies cannot be changed to a skater position and vice-versa. A future update will limit position changes to positions a player has actually played but that is not in place for now.
  2. The question of how FHS assigns player numbers has come up every now and then, so here is a rundown of that process. I wrote about this on my personal blog five years ago but that was before FHS was spun off of DetroitHockey.Net and the logic has changed a little since then. A note off the top: A team's retired numbers are only respected by the team's Pro Roster. At the start of a league's season, each player's current number is loaded in as the player's "default" number. If that player is traded or otherwise is in need of a new number, the first check will be to see if the default number is available and, if it is, it will be used. If the player's default number is not available because another player is wearing it, but it is not the default number for the current owner, the current owner will get a new number, freeing up the default number for the player who wanted it. In the case where the player has no way of getting his default number, the system moves on to a list of preferred numbers, based on the player's position. If the player is a goalie whose default number is two digits, the first try will be to take the second digit of his number and append it to a 3 to give him a number in the 30s. For example, a goalie whose default number is #45 finding #45 on his new team unavailable would next try #35. Andrei Vasilevskiy's #88 would become #38. If that number is also unavailable, it will try the traditional goalie numbers (#30, #31, #35, #1) until it finds a match. If the player is a skater whose default number is single-digit, the system next tries that number appended to itself, then that number with a zero appended to it. So a player whose default number was #9 would try #99, then try #90. If neither of those work, numbers in the teens, twenties, thirties, and nineties are tried (in this example, #19, #29, #39, and #99 again). If the player is a skater whose default number is double-digit, the first attempt will be a reversal of that number, so #19 would become #91. If that didn't work and both digits are the same, it will try that digit followed by a zero and then that digit alone (#55 would try #50 and then #5). Lastly, if it's a number in the sixties, it will try to add 30 to it (#67 would become #97). However, there are exceptions to the above. A skater cannot match to one of the traditional goalie numbers. For example, a #53 won't switch to #35. Similarly, a forward won't be assigned a traditional defenseman number (#2, #3, #4, #5, #6) and a defenseman won't be assigned a traditional forward number (#8, #9, #10, #12) unless it is his default number. If, after all of these steps, no number has been found, skaters will start at their default number and find the closest available number to it that is not subject to the traditional position rule (for example, a skater trying #29 who has made it to this step on a team with #28 and #29 taken could get #27 rather than the closer #30). Goalies will start at #30 and count up until an available number is found. There is one further caveat to all of this. If the new player (Player A) is on the Pro Roster and is requesting a number assigned to Player B, who is on the Farm Roster, and the number is not Player B's default number, the number will be treated as available and Player B will be assigned a new Pro Roster number. This also works if Player A is joining the Farm Roster and Player B is on the Pro Roster.
  3. The FHS system allows for teams to retire numbers from use. What does that mean? The team's GM/owner will not be able to assign that number to a player. Acquired players will not automatically be assigned that number. What does it not mean? If your league is using rafter banners, you do not have to "raise" a banner for the retired number. You do not have to declare for whom the number is retired. How does a number get retired? Choose "Modify Team Information" from the GM Tools. Check the box for any number you want to remove from circulation. Numbers currently in use will not be eligible for retirement. Click the "Update Information" button.
  4. We've released an update to the Lines Editor in the GM Tools, part of which includes renaming it to the Lineup Editor. The new Lineup Editor has been reworked to make clear exactly what is being saved. Moving a player back and forth between the Game Roster and the Scratches will no longer auto-save, for example. Roster changes and line changes will be applied simultaneously upon clicking the "Submit Changes" button. As with the previous version of this section of the site, the "Submit Changes" button will not be available if your lineup is invalid. However, an invalid lineup can now be added to your Saved Lineups. We expect this to be useful in the case of a team wanting to save their current invalid lineup before making a change to account for injury, allowing for their saved lineup to be restored when the player returns from injury. The Saved Lineups workflow was also updated. It is no longer possible to save a lineup for future use and simultaneously apply it to your live roster. You must save the lineup changes to your live roster, then add that lineup to your Saved Lineups (or vice versa). Additionally, Saved Lineups are no longer automatically applied to your live lineup when loaded. The Saved Lineup must be loaded, then the "Submit Changes" button pressed to load the lineup and apply those changes. This allows a Saved Lineup to be loaded and viewed, then discarded if you decide not to apply those changes. Finally, all Saved Lineups are now manageable via the Lineup Editor page rather than in a separate listing. A bugfix was also included in this release to ensure that the Waive Players page listed the correct player count for the team.
  5. Drafts in FantasyHockeySim leagues take place in a manner that we've historically called pseudo-live. Each team's selection is made in realtime but the player picked is taken from the top of a list that can be updated by the team's general manager right up until the point that the selection happens. As such, GMs can choose to build out a list in advance and skip the draft entirely, to only add players to their list when it is their turn to pick, or something in between. Our official recommendation is to build out a list in advance, just in case something goes wrong in the middle of the draft. No one wants to be the person who lost their internet connection just as they were adding their selection to the site. To that end, here are other thoughts on the best way to build a draft list: In most cases, to cover every possibility, your draft list only needs to be long enough to reach your last selection in the draft. This means that if your only pick is at fourth overall, you only need four names on your list. If you close out your draft at 48th overall, your list should have 48 names. Anything less and you would be taking a chance on running out of options before your final draft pick comes up. To be clear, it is perfectly acceptable to take that chance, just understand that you're doing so. There are two exceptions to the above "rule." First is in the case of an Entry Draft with an age limit in place. If you pick 48th overall and your list has 48 names, with five underage players on that list, it would be possible for the other 43 players on your list to have been selected by other teams by the time your pick at 48th overall came up. With only underage players remaining, there would be no one eligible on your list and your pick would go unused. As such, your Entry Draft list should include 48 eligible players. The second is in the case of an Expansion Draft with limits on how many players each team can lose. If your last pick is 20th overall, you would normally need a 20-person draft list. However, in this scenario it would be possible for your 20th-rated player to come from a team that has already lost its allotment of players. As such, that player would be removed from your list and no longer there to be selected at 20th overall. The remedy for this is to build a longer list but, depending on the specifics of your Expansion Draft, that could be hard to do. As such, we recommend building as long of a list as you feel comfortable building, then clicking the "Quick List" button to add the rest of the available players to your list. You should then take care to remove any players who you have a deal not to select, if applicable. This will give you the longest list possible while still prioritizing your selections as much as possible.
  6. An additional update has been published today, improving visibility of whether or not you, as a GM/Owner, have completed ballots for All-Star Game teams, season awards, and Hall of Fame classes. If you still need to vote, that will be noted at the top of your GM Tools. Additionally, a yellow flag will appear next to the GM Tools in your Member Menu (unless there is an issue with your roster, in which case the red flag from that will supercede the yellow flag from the voting alert. Also, a bug was fixed regarding the daily voting reminder. Reminders were not properly being sent for season awards.
  7. We've released an update combining the Member Menu and the Message Center into a single menu visible in the site header. The new menu looks as follows: The new menu is broken up into several sections. The first is a general section that includes a link to edit your FHS Member Profile and a logout link. The second is for the FHS Community, with links to your Community Profile, Messenger, and any forums that you are following (none are shown in the above example). Those two sections will probably be merged in a future update but as of right now there is still some division between the FHS Community and the rest of FHS and it is represented here. The remaining sections are for each league in which you are a member, with links to your team, the GM Tools for that league, that league's forums, and that league's calendar. Also new in this menu is a set of flags alerting you to action you need to take or items you might have missed. A green flag is next to forums where you have unread messages. A yellow flag is next to unread messages that were directed at you. A red flag indicates a problem with your team that needs to be resolved. If any flags are present in your Member Menu, a dot will appear over the "hamburger" icon used to open the Member Menu, in the color of the highest-level flag in the menu. These changes were made to make it easier to see everything you might have missed in one place.
  8. Unconfirmed trades will be removed from the Trades Center after an amount of time specified on a league-by-league basis. The default time is 48 hours. However, the process that does this removal only runs every fifteen minutes. As such, a trade proposal submitted on May 4 at 1:47 PM for a league using a 48-hour cleanup time can be expected to remain in the Trades Office until May 6 at 2:00 PM, unless it is confirmed by all involved teams before that time. Had that proposal been entered three minutes earlier, at 1:44 PM on May 4, it would have been set for removal on May 6 at 1:45 PM.
  9. Several small changes were released today. The "Downloads" section of the GM Tools was renamed "Reports and Downloads" The "Default Player Ratings" and "Sortable Player List" pages were moved from the "Players" section of the league site to the "Reports and Downloads" section The "Draft Pick Owners" page was renamed "Future Draft Picks" The "Future Draft Picks" page was expanded to show each team's future draft picks as the default view, with the original view of every draft pick in table format visible by clicking "All Draft Picks" The member menu (both in drop-down form and the single-page version) was updated to group links by league
  10. Your FantasyHockeySim.com account can be linked with your existing social media accounts to streamline login and communication. If you created your FHS account by logging in via Facebook (for example), your FHS account will already be linked to your Facebook account and you can use the "Login with Facebook" option. If you created your FHS account by entering a username and password, though, you can still link your account to a social media account. From the FHS Community, click on your username in the top-right corner of the page. This will open up a menu with "Account Settings" as one of the options. Click that link. This will take you to the Account Setting page, part of which is dedicated to managing your linked social media accounts. Click the "Configure" links there and follow the workflow for each service to link your social media accounts to your FHS account.
  11. Not every league will have a public waiting list. For those that do, this is how to add yourself to that list. From any page on that league's website, open the the "Miscellanea" menu. There you'll see a link titled "Join the <league abbreviation>." Click it. The waiting list join page will open, displaying the members currently on the waiting list. If you are eligible to join the league, an "Add Me to the Waiting List" button will be visible. Click it. If you were successfully added to the waiting list, a message acknowledging that will be displayed. If you return to the waiting list, you will see your name on it.
  12. 1. No Members Under the Age of 13 The minimum age for joining this forum is 13 years old. If a member is found to be under the age of 13, he or she will be suspended until his or her thirteenth birthday. 2. No Excessive Insults or Trolling We understand that trash-talk is a part of competition and do not want to limit that. However, attacks of a personal nature will not be tolerated. 3. No Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/etc. A member's use of discriminatory terms based on race, gender, or sexual identification will result that member being banned. 4. No Spam or Outside Advertising Advertising openings in FHS-hosted fantasy hockey leagues is allowed. Any other posts advertising goods or services are expressly forbidden. 5. No Politics Political topics and posts will not be allowed on the FHS Community. 6. No Gore, Porn, or Sexual Content This is a fantasy hockey site. If you're looking for any of those things, go somewhere else. 7. One Account Per Person Anyone found to have created multiple accounts will have their accounts merged. Individual leagues are encouraged to enact additional punishments. Any members found to have created multiple accounts to facilitate breaking of rules or circumventing of a ban will be banned. 8. Rule Changes The FantasyHockeySim.com team reserves the right to change these rules at any time.
  13. Welcome to the FantasyHockeySim.com Community! Since its launch, FHS has used Slack for its community, but that has proven to be difficult in some ways. Sign-up is harder and there's no ability to make posts available to the general public. For something that was supposed to be about community, it didn't function as one. As such, today we're rolling out a public forum for our community. I'm sure this will bring new difficulties in exchange for the ones we've seen with Slack. We'll keep tweaking things as we go, though, in a hope of making this a home for simulated fantasy hockey discussion.
  14. To be honest, I don't even know if there's enough of a community around FHLSim left to require forums. Since we're firing up these FHS forums, though, I figured we could set aside a spot just for FHLSim discussion, though. Tech support, tips and tricks, whatever - throw it here.
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