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Waiver Drafts

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A subset of the FHS waiver functionality is the option to have a Waiver Draft.

Depending on your league's settings, teams may be allowed to exceed the various roster size limits during the offseason.  As such, before the start of the season, all teams would be required to come back into compliance with those limits.  If waivers are also enabled for your league, it can be expected that at least some players would need to clear waivers for the entire league to become compliant.

A Waiver Draft is intended to consolidate those waiver cases and, instead of having players pass through waivers over a span of days or weeks, make all of the players available at once, with each team selecting from the group of players and adding new players to the group as necessary.

Teams are not required to make a Waiver Draft selection but teams may only make a selection if they have room to add that player, with the specific limits depending on the player selected.  To add any player, the team must first have room under the Reserve List limit.  If the player is active, the team must also have room under the Combined Roster limit and the Pro Roster limit.

If the selecting team does not have room for any of the players on their draft list, their selection will be skipped.  If the selecting team has room to add a player to their Property List but not to their roster, the highest-ranked Property List player will be selected.

As with standard waivers, a player on waivers for the purposes of demotion who is not in a team's game lineup will not count towards the Pro Roster limit for that team.  The player will, however, count towards the Combined Roster and Reserve List limits.  If that player were to be selected by another team, he would be applied to that team's limits and be removed from his original team's limits.  As such, it is possible for a team to be ineligible to make a selection in the first round only to become eligible to select later in the draft.

A Waiver Draft begins with a single scheduled round.  Any time a player is selected or a player is added to waivers during what is scheduled to be the final round, a new round will be added to the end of the draft, ensuring that no player clears waivers without first being offered to all of the league's teams.  The Waiver Draft cannot end until all teams have passed on all remaining players.

For record-keeping purposes, the final round of the Waiver Draft will be removed upon conclusion of the draft, as it is impossible for any selections to be made during it.

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