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Tutorial: Setting Lineup Preferences


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FHS includes tools that allow team owners to set their lineups.  The FHLSim simulator software is something of a black box, however, and will sometimes manipulate those lineups.  To help mitigate that, FHS includes a set of preferences for team team to define how FHLSim-introduced changes will be handled.

These preferences can be found under the GM Tools under Manage Team Roster -> Lineup Preferences.

If "Keep Returning Players Scratched" is set to yes, any player returning from injury will remain a healthy scratch until he is manually moved back into the game lineup.

If "Auto-Lines" is enabled, the simulator software will be allowed to discard the team's defined lineup and generate a new one if the lineup is deemed to be invalid.  It is important to note that the simulator software may do that anyway, in some situations, regardless of what this option is set to.

If "Save Simulator-Generated Lineup" is enabled, whatever lines come out of the simulator after a game will be saved as the team's new lines.  Disabling this setting does not mean that a simulator-generated lineup won't be used, just that it won't be saved.  There is one case where changes that look like they come from the simulator will be saved, as players who are in the lineup under the Emergency Position Change option will automatically be moved to the list of scratches after each game.  As such, this setting does not apply to those cases.

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