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Tutorial: Waiving Players


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There are multiple reasons to need to waive players within the context of FantasyHockeySim.com and two ways to actually do so via the GM Tools.

The first is via the "Edit Roster" tool under the "Manage Team Roster" option.  Within that tool, any time you drag a player from your pro roster to your farm roster, if that player requires waivers, you will be presented with a prompt asking you to confirm that you want to waive the player.  Upon accepting, the player will be placed on waivers and, should he clear, will be sent to your farm roster.



Additionally, there is the "Waive Players" page, also under the "Manage Team Roster" section.  There, all of your team's players will be listed, with a "Waive" link available for each.  Clicking the link will trigger a pop-up box, which will allow you to select a waiver action to be applied after the player clears waivers.  Standard waiver actions are "None" (in which case clearing waivers will simply reset the players waiver eligibility as detailed in the above link) and "Release" (which will see the player released by the team upon clearing waivers).  Players on the pro roster can also be waived for the purposes of demotion, which has the same effect as waiving from the Roster Editor.  Players who require Limited Waivers to become trade-eligible can have that selected as their waiver action.



After a player is placed on waivers, he will appear in a list at the top of the page detailing when he was placed on waivers, what waiver action was selected, and when he is expected to be on waivers until.

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