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Tutorial: Team News

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Each league has it's own news feed but teams have a news feed as well.  This can be used for letting your fellow GM/owner's know you'll be on vacation, advertising your trade block, or anything else you want to make sure everyone can see.


The easiest way to add something to your team news feed is to make a post in your league's forum and include "#pin" in the message text.  An automated process will pick that message up and add it to your news feed for you.



If you did not use the "#pin" method, you can add a forum post to your team news via the GM Tools under the "Team News" tool.  Your forum posts from the last month will be listed there.  Click the "Add to News Feed" link and the post will be added to your news feed.



Posts that you have previously flagged for your news feed are listed on the bottom part of that page.  If you have an active news item, you can remove it by clicking the "Remove" button in that table.  Teams can only have one active news item at a time, so making a new news post will automatically remove the previous one from your feed.  Additionally, news items are automatically removed from your feed after six months.



Active team news items will appear in the sidebar of the league news section as well as on the team's home page.  Additionally, for leagues that use our Slack integration, the news item will be cross-posted to the league's Slack channel.



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