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Player Positions and Team Lines

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Due to limitations of the simulator software, players are only able to be assigned to one position at a time.  Obviously, this does not properly reflect the real world, but there are ways to work around it.

One is for players to be played out of position.  Supposedly, however, the simulator takes that into account by reducing the ratings of a player played out of position.  This impact has never been detailed so, while it is legal to do, it is not recommended.

Additionally, the simulator requires at least three centers, three left wings, three right wings, and five defensemen (and exactly two goalies) on a game roster.  As such, you could dress a roster with eight left wings and no right wings - with four of them playing out of position - and it still wouldn't be valid.

The solution is, when playing a player out of position, to change that player's position.

A player's position can be changed via the GM Tools by going to "Manage Team Roster" -> "Edit Players" and selecting the player to update.

Goalies cannot be changed to a skater position and vice-versa.

A future update will limit position changes to positions a player has actually played but that is not in place for now.

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