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Release Notes - 8/8/2020


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We've released an update to the Lines Editor in the GM Tools, part of which includes renaming it to the Lineup Editor.

The new Lineup Editor has been reworked to make clear exactly what is being saved.  Moving a player back and forth between the Game Roster and the Scratches will no longer auto-save, for example.  Roster changes and line changes will be applied simultaneously upon clicking the "Submit Changes" button.

As with the previous version of this section of the site, the "Submit Changes" button will not be available if your lineup is invalid.  However, an invalid lineup can now be added to your Saved Lineups.  We expect this to be useful in the case of a team wanting to save their current invalid lineup before making a change to account for injury, allowing for their saved lineup to be restored when the player returns from injury.

The Saved Lineups workflow was also updated.  It is no longer possible to save a lineup for future use and simultaneously apply it to your live roster.  You must save the lineup changes to your live roster, then add that lineup to your Saved Lineups (or vice versa).  Additionally, Saved Lineups are no longer automatically applied to your live lineup when loaded.  The Saved Lineup must be loaded, then the "Submit Changes" button pressed to load the lineup and apply those changes.

This allows a Saved Lineup to be loaded and viewed, then discarded if you decide not to apply those changes.

Finally, all Saved Lineups are now manageable via the Lineup Editor page rather than in a separate listing.

A bugfix was also included in this release to ensure that the Waive Players page listed the correct player count for the team.

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